My daughter’s extravaganza!

Posted by Norma Spathonis on

daughter singing

Today she is an established singer. Stage shows, concerts, live performances and recordings are part of her daily routine. She is popular among the youngsters; loved and demanded for her singing performance. But if I flip back, and focus few years back, I remember something absolutely bizarre.

As a father, it was difficult for me to drive her on weekends to her classes. She had always been playful as a child. She wanted to do everything, but never focused on anything. She would drive me crazy to admit her to table tennis classes, she wanted to learn guitar, play piano and even paint, all at the same time.

Somewhere, I had a wish to see my daughter singing in front of a huge audience someday. So, I didn’t give up. On her 8th birthday, I gifted her piano. At first, she was very happy. She jumped with joy, and started playing some abrupt music on it. I was pleased that she liked my gift and I went back to bed contended. Next morning I woke up to find the piano keys broken and lying on the floor. She was trying to make a doll house for her Barbie.

I almost lost hope, that this girl would never change. However, something happened which was beyond my imagination. My milkman came running one morning with the news that her daughter, aged 25, had been shortlisted for playback singing. She became the talk of the town. The morning newspapers were flooded with her pictures. Praises showered for the father and her daughter!

I don’t know what happened to my little baby! She walked up to me few weeks later, and said, “Daddy, will you please buy another piano for me? I want to become the best singer!” Since then, she never looked back (I also got her the best singing course online – see review at Day in and day out she kept working. She woke up early and slept late. Her playful nature got lost somewhere. She seemed to be more hooked onto the television, watching several music shows! Amazing dedication by a girl at 8.

Two years later, a letter arrived. I picked it up, tore it open and tears rolled down my eyes. It read, “Congratulations! You are selected for the playback singing (child) for our latest movie. Please report at 9am sharp.”